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Bambo Nature Sizes

Which Bambo Nature size is best for your baby?

Bambo Nature    Size   Weight Range    Carton Quantity    Nappies per pack     
 Bambo Nature Premature eco nappies   Size 0 Premature 1 - 3 kgs 6 packs 24    
 Bambo Nature newborn eco nappies   Size 1 Newborn 2 - 4 kgs 6 packs 28    
 Bambo Nature mini eco nappies size 2   Size 2 Mini 3 - 6 kgs 6 packs 30    
 Bambo Nature midi eco nappies size 3   Size 3 Midi 5 - 9 kgs 6 packs 33    
 bambo-nature-size-4-small.jpg   Size 4 Maxi 7 - 18 kgs 6 packs 30    
 Bambo Nature Junior eco nappies size 5   Size 5 Junior 12 - 22 kgs 6 packs 27    
 Bambo Nature XL eco nappies size 6   Size 6  XL Plus 16 - 30 kgs 6 packs 22    
 Bambo Nature Eco Training Pants 14 kgs plus   Size 4+ Training Pants    14 kgs + 6 packs 22    
 Bambo Nature Eco Training Pants 18 kgs plus   Size 6+ Training Pants 18 kgs + 6 packs 20  



Sometimes it seems like it can be tricky to get the right fit on your baby, because every baby is different. Some have fat legs, some have fat bums, some are really tall with skinny legs! Bambo Nature nappies are designed to fit every baby comfortably. 

There's no elastic at the back to irritate baby, instead there are innovative, flexible side panels which stretch to fit around baby's tummy, no matter how gorgeously plump! Bambo Nature nappies are thin, which means they won't bulk up around the legs and the crotch, but the leak guards ensure there's no messy accidents. 

The new Bambo Nature nappies run a little smaller than the older style Bambo Nature. Our trusty testers (that is to say, mums and bubs!) recommend the following weight ranges: 

  • Size 0 premature nappies from one to around three kilogrammes.
  • Size 1 newborn nappies from around two to three and a half, maybe four kilogrammes if you've got a slim baby.
  • Size 2 mini nappies are ideal from around three and a half kilos.
  • Size 3 midi nappies work best from around four and a half kilos.
  • Size 4 maxi nappies are good for babies around six and a half kilos, maybe a little less if they're drinking lots of milk
  • Size 5 junior nappies are where it starts to get tricky. There's a big overlap in weights here, and it's usually best to move up a size if your toddler needs the extra absorbency, even if they're still in the weight range for the size 4 maxi nappies. The best way to tell this is if you're suddenly getting leaks!
  • Size 6 XL plus nappies are great for when your toddler is almost toilet trained, but needs a nappy at night, or if you need more absorbency than the juniors. 
  • Size 4+ Training Pants are perfect for toddlers around 13kgs
  • Size 6+ Training Pants are good for little guys and girls around 16kgs, or who have chunky little bums and tums!
If you'd like some advice on getting the right fit for your baby or toddler, give us a call on 1300 22 4009 or drop us an email at info@ethman.com.au. 


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